Every translator has his own specialisation. In recent years, Linguali has mainly gained experience in translating editorial copy. I am happy to give you an overview of the types of text that suit me best, but, of course, you can also contact Linguali for other subjects. I always find it fun and challenging to fully immerse myself in a new topic for a translation assignment. So don’t hesitate to contact me, even if your text does not exactly fit into one of the categories below.


My specialisation in tourism-related texts has grown out of my great love for Austria, the mountains and travelling in general. I translate web texts and blogs for travel agencies, but also for hotels, camping sites, tourist destinations, etc. Whether you are a hotel manager or a travel agency’s content and communications officer, I can help you with the translation and/or revision of your website, brochure, blog, magazine, etc.

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As a bon vivant, I like to translate texts about lifestyle. These include websites, brochures or blogs about cosmetics, wellness, yoga, food and drink, leisure, etc. These are all topics that fascinate me in daily life, and are therefore subjects that I love to work with professionally. Do you have a text that you would like to have revised or translated? I am happy to help!

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Nowadays, marketing is a must for anyone who wants to develop their business. You might regularly send out a newsletter to your (potential) customers, post daily messages on social media or write blog articles to increase your brand’s online visibility. Whatever your marketing strategy may be, a well-written text is essential to make a good (first) impression. And that’s exactly what I strive for as a translator.

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