Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question for Linguali? Take a look below to see whether or not your question has been asked before. If you can’t find the answer, feel free to send me an email. I’ll be happy to help you.

What does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation is determined by various factors: the volume of your text, the level of difficulty, the language combination, the desired delivery time, etc. In order to be able to give you a good estimate of the cost of your translation project I will need the source text, so be sure to add the source document to your quote request. An editable file format, such as Word, makes the process a little easier. If you don’t have an editable file, I’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Do you have a minimum rate?

For small assignments, such as translation projects of less than 400 words, I apply a minimum rate per project. For revision assignments I charge for at least one hour of work. Why? Regardless of whether it is a large or a small project, the overheads remain the same – answering emails, invoicing, project management, and so on. If you have several projects within the same month, I take into account the total volume of all the assignments for that month. Feel free to send me an email for more information.

For which language combinations can I contact Linguali?

A translator always (or usually) translates into their mother tongue. In my case, this is Dutch. At Linguali, I can help you with translations from German, French and English to Dutch. For other language combinations, I always work with translators who translate into their native language. So if you have a Dutch text that you would like to have translated into German, French or English, I am happy to help you! I also know several talented fellow translators for other language combinations, so don’t hesitate to send me an email.

What information do you need in order to provide a quote?

In order to be able to send you a quote that is as correct as possible, please provide me with the following information:

  • the source text, preferably in an editable file format;
  • the language(s) in which you need the text;
  • the desired delivery time;
  • your address details and VAT number.

If it is not yet possible to send me the finished source text, please mention the expected number of words. This will allow me to give you a reliable estimate of the cost of your translation project.

What do you need in order to start a translation?

A good translation starts with a good source text. Send me the text that you wish to have translated in an editable version (e.g. Word). If you don’t have an editable format, a pdf file will suffice in many cases. If your text has not yet been revised, I would be happy to do so for you, after consultation, before I start with the translation. An hourly rate will be charged for this. Feel free to send me an email for more information.

How long do I have to wait before my translation is finished?

As an indication of the approximate time that the translation of your text will take, you can assume that Linguali can process about 2,000 words a day. Provided that my work schedule allows it, I will start working on your text immediately. If you want to know whether or not if I can finish your translation project by a certain date, please send me an email with your specific question and deadline.

Do you use machine translation, such as Google Translate?

At Linguali, the answer to this question is a loud and clear ‘no’. Machine translations, such as Google Translate or DeepL, do not deliver the quality that Linguali wants to offer for editorial texts. Have a go at it yourself in a language you know and you will quickly discover why machine translation is not the way to go. Many companies are convinced that machine translation is a cheaper alternative, but rest assured that this will not leave you with a high-quality end result.

Vertaling of revisie nodig?

Stuur mij een mailtje of vul het contactformulier in en ontvang zo spoedig mogelijk een vrijblijvende offerte voor de vertaling en/of revisie van je tekst.

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